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Brand New Start

In 1980 Mylon finally and completely surrendered his life to Jesus Christ at a Second Chapter of Acts concert.  At the end of the concert Buck Herring led the people in a prayer and Mylon prayed along and in his words "I made that prayer mine and I have never been the same since."
From that point on Mylon submitted to Jesus as the Lord of his whole life.  He made radical changes in his life. He immediately started attending church.  He quit rock'n'roll and served as a janitor for almost two years at his church in Atlanta. Mylon was very hungry for the word of God and attended Bible studies fives day a week. Some of the other guys involved in that Bible Study would become a part of the band that Mylon would form in 1981 called Broken Heart.
In 1982 Mylon and his new band 'Broken Heart' started recording and began touring and ministering to kids. The band's name "Broken Heart" was taken from Psalm 51:17 which states:" The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God you will not despise."  In May of 1982 Mylon released the album "Brand New Start" pictured here. You can now purchase Brand New Start on CD from Mylon's website by clicking here.
Over the next 10 years Mylon and Broken Heart would see more than 200,000 kids come to know Jesus as Savior and Lord. Mylon and Broken Heart would be featured in concerts, new media reports, Christian TV Programs, and radio interviews. Mylon truly had seen God do some amazing things with his life. But more was to come. Though Mylon knew Jesus as his Savior and Lord, he was unsure about Jesus as healer of his body. He had struggled with the question of whether it was God's will to always heal.  He was able to continue on in ministry avoiding that issue until one fateful day in August of 1989.

Lancaster December 1986

Closer Than A Heartbeat

Late one August evening while traveling to Nebraska with Whiteheart on the what was ironically named the  "Heart Attack Tour" Mylon experienced a heart attack. He was sitting in the back of the tour bus, talking with some of the band members when he became paralyzed by a heart attack. Mylon thought he was on his way to meet God. (The photo above is from the tour with Whiteheart. Here both bands are closing the concert by singing a song of worship together. It was a great concert at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC.)
Later a CT Scan showed that only two-thirds of his heart was working. The other third of his heart was black which means there was no blood flowing through it. Doctors informed Mylon that this was due to his past lifestyle of drug abuse. They warned Mylon that should he continue touring he would further damage his heart and and possibly suffer fatal consequences! But against the physicians advice Mylon honoured his schedule and completed his obligations and finished his concert tours.

The timing of this diagnosis couldn't have been worse it would appear. Here God was blessing Mylon's ministry. Mylon and Broken heart had sold millions of records and had earned two Dove Awards and one Grammy. Many young people were making decisions to follow Christ. Mylon was being obedient to the Lord and was doing all he could for him. Yet right while all seemed to be doing so well, Mylon is told he has a serious heart condition.  It would seem like a major set back had just happened. 

But that is not the end of the story, that is not the end of Mylon's personal ministry. Some faith lessons were about to be learned and God would make some changes in Mylon's life and ministry. God always responds to a hungry heart. As Mylon drew near to God in looking for answers regarding healing and needing a miracle, God drew near to Him and had some divine appointments lined up as we shall see.

In January of 1990 Mylon and Broken Heart were scheduled to go to the Philippines for a crusade. Doctors warned him about going, but again Mylon wanted to go as this trip was previously scheduled. 

After flying for nearly 30 hours, Mylon arrived in the Philippines extremely tired. Before checking in Mylon walked around the lobby and went into a little gift shop. While walking around the store his eyes were drawn to a little book.

This was the only book in the shop that was in English. It wasn't by the rest of the books but was by the shaving creams etc.  The book was called "God's Medicine" by Kenneth Hagin.  At the time Mylon didn't know Kenneth Hagin.  Mylon went to the counter to pay for the book. The cashier informed Mylon that they don't sell those kind of books in their store and that he could have the book. Mylon checked in and went to his Hotel room and read the entire book. Reading this book brought hope to Mylon about healing though some of the things he  read had never been taught to him  Though Mylon didn't understand it all, it started a process through which Mylon became more open to the word of faith. He would check out the scriptures and would even read the entire chapters to insure proper context. You can order this book at Amazon by clicking here

After the completion of the week long crusade in the Philippines, a total of over 10,000 kids gave their lives to Jesus.   But Mylon physically felt sore the entire time.

Back in the US, Mylon continued following doctors instruction for diet, exercise, etc. But Mylon continued to dig deeper into the book by Kenneth Hagin and deeper into the Bible.

 In March of 1990, Mylon went to stay with his brother in Panama City Beach in Florida. Mylon was using this time off to fast and pray and seek God.  He was reading a book by T.L. Osborne entitled "Healing the Sick". Though he didn't know at the time but Kenneth and Gloria Copeland were ministering in Panama City and were staying in a condo just 100 yards from where Mylon was staying.  About the third day into his fast, Mylon prayed and asked the Lord for the ability to understand what he had been reading on healing.  He said that if God had to, he could send an angel to him to help him understand.

Later that day as he was walking along the beach he walked by a woman who he would be later introduced to. This woman was Gloria Copeland. As the two walked past each other, the Lord spoke to Gloria and gave her instructions that she was to minister healing to this man. Later by divine appointment Mylon met the Copeland's and this is what Gloria told Mylon. "God spoke to me that He had called you to do something, that there was something wrong in your body, and that He wanted to heal you. God also told me that I should teach you what He had taught me about the things Jesus said and did concerning sickness, disease, and healing. God told me I was to lay hands on you, and he was going to heal you."

Kenneth Copeland wanted to insure that Mylon was no longer hoping but believing for his healing. So he took him through different scriptures until Mylon understood that healing was part of salvation. Mylon prayed according to Mark 11:22-24. The Copeland's laid hands on Mylon and prayed. Though physically Mylon didn't feel much different. Something had changed in his spirit.  The next day he was inspired and the song Invincible Love came to him. 

During that time different well meaning Christians challenged Mylon that he was putting God to a foolish test by continuing to minister and not listen to the doctors. But Mylon's reply was "God said, I sent My Word and healed them, and My Words are life to them and health to all their flesh" (Psalm 107:20;Prov 4:22)

Over a period of time and standing on the Word of God did Mylon indeed see his body line up with the word of God. Mylon was healed! Mylon learned a lesson that so many of us have yet to learn; that God is waiting for us to seek Him and believe Him.  God responds to those who believe and apply His Word. 


Movin' On

In 1991 Mylon changed some direction with his ministry. He and Broken Heart sensed the original ministry vision God had given them was complete. His band Broken Heart was disbanded and Mylon put together a new music project with some new musicians. The album was called Faith, Hope and Love.  Enclosed with the album is a summary of events from Mylon. In it he states;

"This album is the reflection of the changes God made in me, my family, and my band by the promises and provisions in his Word. These songs simply testify to God's power, love and faithfulness to us. Praise God for the victory we have in Christ Jesus, He is Lord!

I feel like a new man and I thank God for this new direction, new friends, new music and His fresh new anointing. . . . "

In the years to follow Mylon would make a significant change in his life in regards to ministry. He left Contemporary Christian Music and went into full time preaching.

Since Mylon received his healing he was as strong as ever and enjoys all types of outdoor activities such as: tennis, racquetball, downhill skiing, scuba diving, and riding his Harley.

Because of the relationship that was formed with Ken and Gloria Copeland, Mylon and his wife Christi moved from Atlanta and are now under the Copeland's spiritual covering at Eagle Mountain International Church in Texas which is led by Pastor's George and Terri Pearsons.

Today Mylon and Christi minister the Word of faith in churches all over the world. They have ministered on Christian TV, at revivals, crusades, Bible Schools, Worship Seminars, Motorcyle Rallies, NFL and NBA chapel services, Nascar chapel services and ladies meetings. They are also committed to minister with Mike Barber Ministries which ministers in prisons across America. Mylon and Christi have also had numerous missionary opportunities in various parts of the world. 



Pictured below is Mylon and Christi as guests on James and Betty Robison's TV Show called Life Today. It aired on November 22, 2013.

Please consider partnering up with Mylon LeFevre Ministries to help them minister and fulfill God's call for this ministry. Many of you know the type of preacher this man is. God has certainly anointed this man to preach and anyone that has met and heard Christi knows too that this godly woman walks in an anointing to minister as well. They are a wonderful, godly couple.



While ministering in Jerusalem, Mylon and Christi visited Christ Church which is the oldest Protestant Church in the Middle East


Pictured below is Mylon with Peter Furler and Third day after performing Gospel Ship together on November 9th 2013.


In August of 2013 Mylon was a guest at Elvis week. Here he is with some of the Stamps Quartet. Mylon sang with them 50 years earlier and later these men would be the back up singers for Elvis Presley.


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