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Without Him

Live Forever

This book is a must read. Not only are the stories so well written but there are so many good quality pictures, some including Mylon with well known celebrities.  This is Mylon's story, from his humble beginnings, his meeting with Elvis, Mylon's experiences as a rock star and finally finding what he had been searching for all along .... God.

You can either order it directly here or visit Mylon's website.

Mylon R. LeFevre was born on October 6, 1944.  Mylon grew up in a home of a gospel singing family known as the LeFevres. Mylon's dad started out singing on the Grand Ol' Opry in 1921. Mylon's grandfather on his mother's side was a preacher who built 39 churches for the Church of God denomination. Mylon's parents met while in Bible College and were married in 1934. Mylon first began to sing at age five. In the 1950's the LeFevre's sang for preachers such as Oral Roberts, A.A Allen, Rex Humbard and Jack Coe.
Mylon spent time in a reform school in Tallulah Falls, Georgia and had been kicked out of the Academy at Bob Jones University, South Carolina, a private religious High School. But during this time in his life, Mylon was already getting a reputation for being a good songwriter.
In 1962 Mylon graduated from High School. Because his family had moved so much, Mylon had attended 11 different schools before he graduated. School had not been an easy time for Mylon. His parents could not afford new clothes for him. So he had to wear hand me downs, clothes that were no longer in style. He felt that he never fit in, regardless of which school he attended. Because he was already writing songs many of the boys would misunderstand that for poetry and Mylon said he would "have to fight to prove his masculinity". Due to his small size he was often bullied in school as well. As Mylon states in his book Live Forever, "I was an easy target." (pictured right is a photo from Mylon in 1962) 
Mylon's big break in music would come in June of 1962 when he was just 17 years old. At the time he was in the army making just $84 a month. His mom and dad were scheduled to sing at the Ellis Auditorium in Memphis Tennessee in the National Quartet Convention. His mom wanted him to come out and sing his new song "Without Him" at the convention. Mylon took a weekend pass and travelled 500 miles from Fort Jackson, South Carolina to join his family in Memphis.1 
One particular person who was in the audience was Elvis Presley. Elvis asked his manager Colonel Parker to arrange to have Mylon meet with him after the show. Mylon believes it was God who gave him favor with Elvis that night and later added that he could not describe what that did for his self-esteem. The song was later was recorded by Elvis Presley and put on his How Great Thou Art album. Without was soon being recorded by a lot of other artists as within a year it was on 126 other albums. Due to the success of the recording of Without Him, Mylon went from making $84 a month to receiving $90,000 in just three months.
When Mylon was 18, he left the army and started to spend his money. He purchased a new Corvette and speedboat. Mylon was still singing with his family, but Mylon's ideals and styles were becoming quite different from that of his dad and the family. 
Mylon at 19 with the Stamps Quartet
Mylon went out and did some recording with a group of musicians which would later be known as the Atlanta Rythym Section.  This was Mylon's first attempt at blending gospel music with Southern Rock. This album was entitled "Mylon, We Believe" and was released by Cotillion in 1969/70. According to CCM, some have said this was the first true "Jesus Rock" album.
When Mylon was 25, he left his father's group due to strains and differences over music and Mylon being told to "get his hair cut".  He signed a record deal with Atlantic Records and soon formed a band called "The Holy Smoke Doo Dah Band". They began playing Jesus rock for top secular bands.
 (Picture below is of Mylon from 1971 during his Holy Smoke days. Photo
 submitted by Giannina Garrison)  you can click the image to enlarge it.
Though Mylon believed in God and that Jesus was the Son of God, he wasn't living an obedient Christian life.  He was taking drugs and drifting further and further away from his roots and from reality. Mylon was probably one of the first to try to fuze Christian music with Rock'n'roll, but it wasn't working for him. Mylon was urged and pressured from management and media to dump the religious stuff from his act. Mylon's drug use escalated and he continued to experience more success in rock.  (Mylon in 1972 pictured left)
Throughout the 1970's Mylon sold millions of records and recorded and performed with various performers such as: George Harrison (of the beatles),Alvin Lee, Mick Fleetwood (from Fleetwood Mac), Ron Wood (from the Rolling Stones, Boz Burrell (from Bad Company) Steve Winwood (from Traffic), Ian Wallace (from King Crimson), Billy Joel, Eric Clapton, Little Richard, ZZ Top, Grand Funk Railroad, Mountain, and The Who.3
Mylon in 1971
Here's a poster referring to Mylon as the Atlanta Flash!

In 1973 Mylon had over a million record sales and he was being treated as a star. But while touring in the south of France, Mylon overdosed. After receiving medical attention, Mylon woke up 28 hours later. Mylon suffered some brain damage due to the trauma of the medical event and experienced memory problems. He couldn't even remember all the lyrics to some of the songs he had written.  In Mylon's words "suddenly it was all over, I had wrecked my hopes and drugged away my dreams."4  Mylon had some sense to realize that he had made some mistakes and started reading a Gideon Bible that he had picked up in his travels.

Mylon's physical state was not good. He was 6'-1" and weighed 137 pounds. He had developed bleeding ulcers at age 27. So he committed himself to a drug treatment program that year. Seven months later, towards the end of 1973, Mylon came out clean. 
The whole time that Mylon was in the program, there was a quote from the Bible that he couldn't shake from his mind. He remembered it like this, "God's Spirit will not always strive with men."  Mylon for the most part had always tried to be a Christian, but up until now it had not been working.

So Help Me God

In the late 70's Mylon's dad retired from the gospel music circuit. Mylon's father had always been a performer of Christian music, yet to him it was more of a way to make a living. He wasn't really religious. But finally in his later years he decided to straighten out his own life with God and try to patch things up with Mylon. Mylon saw his dad become a true Christian and it began to impact him.  Mylon's dad became very sick with cancer and through love and visiting between Mylon and his father, Mylon began his transformation.  One night after leaving his dad at the hospital Mylon went home and prayed "Lord, if you can take my daddy, who has been such a jerk to me, and change him like that, I don't want to wait until I'm old and dying. I want you to change my life now. Don't let this be a disappointment. I want you to really be God."  Page 2 . . .

Here are some pictures of Mylon performing during his final secular tour in 1979

When you read the lyrics to Without Him and look back over Mylon's life , the song reads like a prophecy for Mylon's life.

Without Him I could do nothing.
Without Him I'd surely fail;
 Without Him, I would be drifting.
 Like a ship without a sail.

Jesus, Oh Jesus, do you know him today?
You can't turn him away, oh Jesus, oh Jesus.
Without him, How lost I would be.

Without Him I would be dying.
 Without Him I'd be enslaved;
Without Him life would be hopeless.
But with Jesus, thank God, I'm saved.

Jesus, Oh Jesus, do you know him today?
You can't turn him away, oh Jesus, oh Jesus.
Without him, How lost I would be.

Years later, Kenneth Copeland pointed out to Mylon about this song that it was a song about his life. Mylon tried to do things on his own. He pursued his music ambitions apart from God's leading and so Mylon did become enslaved to drug addiction and all the other trappings that the fame of being a rock star brings.  Life became hopeless for Mylon and eventually it did lead to Mylon overdosing and almost dying.

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