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I gave my life to Christ at a Mylon LeFevre concert at Atlanta Fest in Six Flags Georgia and went on to be a member of a contemporary Christian band and covered some of Mylon's songs, but mainly performed originals ... ministering to youth in Churches and various youth related functions throughout the Southeast.

The presence of God was tangible at that concert back in the early 90s and I remember looking across a crowd of over 10 thousand people and seeing their hands raised toward heaven ... then hearing God call me to him.

Thanks Mylon and Broken Heart for your ministry.

Terry Thompson
Daphne, AL


I saw him in Athens,Georgia when I was at UGA. I talked to him afterwards. I remember a statement he made to me, "All these preachers are worried about lights and long hair while the kids are going to hell." That turned me on to his ministry.

David Martin
Rebecca, GA

I used to love Mylon and the band's visits to 100 Huntley Street and appearances on our late night talk program, Nite Lite in Toronto. I loved the excellent videos, slick, fun and highly professional concerts, light shows and digital Peavey equipment and grounded music and lyrics. I was part time producer/ director of Nite Lite then in the 80's. Really enjoyed our early morning breakfasts and Mylon's laid back testimonial style.

Thanks for being a great servant and mentor for Jesus

Rick Dees
Derwent, Alberta

Hey Bill,
This is Jim Hankle. I've posted in your memories section awhile back.  I just wanted to share this pic of Mylon, my family & myself.
He came to a church in Glen Burnie, Maryland earlier this year. For years I would look on Mylon's itinerary and he would never come to Maryland. I just happened to look on his site on day and there it was Glen Burnie, MD.!
As you know...Mylon and Christi were a blessing.
The far left is my wife Michelle, and to the far right is my 16 year old son Mylon. I named him after big Mylon in 1990.
Thanks for this site. It is a blessing to all of us who have been greatly touched by Mylon's ministry over the years.
Blessings to you and your family. Love the updates! Keep up the good work man!
 Jim Hankle

(Two Mylon's in this picture, I love it. . . . Bill)


I was about 16 (1975) when my youth pastor shared this incredible album with me it was "WE BELIEVE". That album has been a great influence in my life showing me it was cool to rock and still believe in God. Mylon's music and life have blessed my life along with my family and friends. Thanks.

David Horton,
Terrell, TX


Oh goodness, the memories! Wow! Mylon and his band were just so easy to talk to, like people you knew all your life. I remember talking with them at the old PTL Heritage USA water park.  Mylon had just gone down the 40 ft.? waterslide and telling us how awesome it was (it wasn't open to the general public yet.)  Then we started talking about the concert coming up that night, and we all started teasing Mylon about being long-winded, so the band members said they were going to make big stop signs for people to hold up if he went on too long!
At a concert in Louisville, we had our 4 year old son with us and my son still remembers Mylon spending time with him, talking with him and rubbing his back.
I don't know how long you've known Mylon, but if it's been a while, I'm sure you've noticed how he "talks" quite a bit differently than he use to.  He use to be very blunt and to the point, no holds barred.  For instance, my husband, Brian, had just gotten a new job and was finding it hard to find time for daily prayer and Bible reading.  He started to tell Mylon about this when Mylon interrupted him and said, "You've got time to poop, don't you? If you've got time to poop, you've got time to pray!"  Now I can't imagine this new Mylon with his short hair, suit and tie, and very religious sounding newsletters saying that, but that is the Mylon I remember and love! Someone that would come up to us and give us a hug whenever he saw us, just like a brother.
Other than being on his mailing list, I'm really not involved in his new ministry.  I know better than to judge someone by their looks, but now Mylon kind of intimidates me.  It is hard for me to realize that he is the same person we use to hang out with.  Something I need to just get over, I guess.  If he ever does come to Kentucky, though, I will definitely go by and say hi.

Angela Tims


Hello Bill,
We are very happy to find this website! You have done a great job on it! I have filled out the questionnaire as well.
We first saw Mylon LeFevre in Toronto in the summer of 1987. We had collected all of his albums and he was our favorite Christian artist.  The concert was incredible and we were most impressed with Mylon's gospel preaching and that he felt that it was so important that people be told that they needed the Lord. Some other artists didn't do much preaching or none at all. I was expecting our first child at the time and because we liked and appreciated Mylon LeFevre and all that he stood for, we decided to call our little boy Mylon also.  This was a new name to a lot of our acquaintances but we were able to tell them that he was named after our favorite gospel singer.
In 1988, we went to Cornerstone near Chicago and were privileged to hear Mylon LeFevre again.  Our Mylon was six months old and enjoyed the music, bouncing to it on my husband's shoulders! We would have loved to meet Mylon L. after the concert and show him our Mylon but felt that it wouldn't be right to go and talk with him when there were people waiting to talk to him, wanting to know how to be saved. It seems very unlikely that we will meet him on earth but we definately will in heaven!
We still listen to Mylon's CD's of course and have watched some of his ministry online.  Our son Mylon is now 19 and a Christian.  He is attending university, is part of a small Christian band and loves playing guitar. I have attached a couple of pictures.  Mylon is the son who is standing, on the front right in our family picture.

May the Lord continue to greatly bless Mylon and Christi's ministry and may God bless you and your family as well.
Sharon & Harri Ollila


I was a teen in the 80's and Mylon's music had such a strong impact on my life. I found him on you tube and started crying listening to More, reminds me of the undisputed love I have for our heavenly father, thank you for the reminders of my child hood and making my day! Deb Hartner, RN

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