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I just stumbled onto your website and what memories it brought back.  I met Mylon in 1981 at Mt. Paran Church of God.  A friend of mine bugged me and bugged me to go check out this great rock band.  "A rock band at a church?" I wondered.  Little did I know what an influence this particular "rock band"
would be.  At the time, the band hadn't taken the name Broken Heart, but were known as Airborn.  I remember the opening song...."Gonna be there gonna meet Him in the air. Dontcha wanna be there when we meet Him in the air, we'll be airborn".  The lights, sirens and parachutes on the wall were anything but church in my mind.  Here I saw this long haired guy up on stage praising God through a style of music that I always thought was reserved for us "headbanger" types who had little if any time for God.  Yet the words this guy spoke touched my heart.  He spoke of the freedom and love that Christ had for everyone.  He spoke of how God had delivered him from a life of drugs, sexual promiscuity and even death.  I was moved....I was just 16 years old and headed down that same destructive path.

Later on, I met Mylon as well as Dean and Kim.  In fact, the following Monday night I found myself right there again....listening to some great music and and even greater message.  I had been raised in a Pentecostal church.  My grandfather and uncles were preachers.  I knew the word and could even debate alot of adults on interpetation, but this was different.  I found Mylon and the rest of the band speaking my language.  I was so excited, but wasnt sure why.  That second Monday I was there, I committed my life to Christ.  It hasnt always been easy and yes I've stumbled more than once, but He's always been there to catch me.  I've found that having Christ in your life isnt about giving up your freedom....its about gaining freedom.   Mylon quoted a scripture that night in 1981 that has stuck with me since....He who the Father sets free is free indeed!

I wound up helping out a bit here and there with the band.  I went with them to help set up equipment at Georgia Tech one day.....and man did that band jam!  All these college kids rocking to Jesus music and hearing His message!   How sweet was that!

Mylon was as down to earth as anyone can be.  Nothing arrogant or aloof about him.  Just a regular guy who was doing as God had instructed him to do.  Thank you Jesus for your message as well as the messenger you sent my way!

I'm now 38 years old, married, two oldest the same age I was when I first heard Mylon.  We all live in Ohio now and I often think so fondly of those days at Mt Paran Church of God.  I just cruised by your website trying to locate some old albums of Mylon and Broken Heart.  What a blessing your site was to me this night.  Keep up the good work and may God continue to bless you abundantly!

In Christ,
Dale Cullen

I was 16 and took a trip to Pigeon Forge, Tenn. with our youth group.  I loved God but never had that "experience" of complete transformation to godliness that I desired. I had long hair...bushy.....wore a guess jean jacket with medals on it ( Russ Taffs "medals" album came out at that time and I loved putting medals on my jacket to imitate) When I saw Mylon in concert I just stood in aw!  Great music.....Great can a Christian Rock-out like this!  Well, the middle of the show Mylon gave his was talking directly to me......God gave him something I wanted ....I cried.....ran to the front and gave my heart to Christ......If Mylon can do it through all he had been through than so can I!!!! 

I went to school...walked proudly through the halls.....If DC Talks "Jesus Freak" song had been produced at that time....I would had played it as loud as I could.....In the mean time I had "Crack the Sky" to play in my head. I showed everyone pictures I took....passed out copies of his tapes..... spread the word to my so called friends that you can have fun being a Christian and Rock to Christ!!!!  Ever since then I have had a respect for Mylon and have almost idolized him....there were no bigger fans on earth (as so I thought) than my sister and me.  At that time I was big into audio engineering and travel with a sound company setting up for concerts and lighting.....I remember Mylon put out the word he was looking for a spot light operator.

 I talked to Spivey? his road manager.  I didn't care if I had to pay them.......I wanted to do this!  He told me there were chores to do on the bus like take out the trash and stuff.....I thought...YEA! when do I start.
Well I don't think they were much interested in a 17 yr. old......Little do they know I would have been the best spot light operator in the world..(See how my dreams were shattered?)  Just kidding of course.
Well.....I have a lot more stories.....I saw them in many other places....I'll never forget they were on the front cover of Peavey Magazine (an audio magazine) They had just purchased the HDH-1 system which in my opinion was the best sound system out at that time.  I couldn't believe it!! a Christian Rock group on the front cover of a secular music magazine!!  I showed everyone!
well....enough for now.

love in christ,

Robert McArtor


I can't believe this website!  I feel like I stepped into a time machine.  What memories it brings back.

I've seen Mylon and Brokenheart in concert a half-dozen times here in Pennsylvania.  Once in Pittsburgh, once in Tyrone, once in Clearfield and three times at the Creation festivals in Shirleysburg.  No single memory of those concerts stands out.  They were all so powerful and spirit-filled.  Actually, there is one memory that does standout.  They were at the Tyrone High School during the Crack the Sky tour.  They sang Crack the Sky as their last song and during the chorus we'd all sing with them and raise our hands.  Thinking about it now after all this time still gives me chills.  I guess you had to be there to appreciate it. 

I can still hear it……"Come on and crack the sky for me, come on and crack the sky and taaaake meeeee hooooome, taaaaake meeee hoooooome…………"

Paul Homan
Clearfield, PA


I saw Mylon and Broken Heart in their final show at Greenville Memorial Auditorium, Greenville, SC. He broke his guitar pick (I own that pick) plus he gave me one that wasn't boken. I then helped unload and set-up the sound system when He was doing Mylon and Friends Tour in Spartanburg,SC. By the way AWESOME web page.


David Buchanan (#1 Mylon Fan)
Tampa, Florida


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