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Thanks for making a great web site. It brings back a lot of great memories. I saw Mylon and broken heart at the Fort Worth convention center in Fort Worth, Texas. It was either 1986 or 1987. What stood out from the concert was when the band played The Warrior. I had been too many Christian rock concerts before, but that was the first time I had really felt the Holy Spirit move at a show, it was awesome, the song was so powerful and it seemed like everyone had tears in their eyes while they were praising Jesus singing along with the band. Wow, what a great memory. Also, Crack The Sky is my favorite cd. God used it to speak to me in so many areas of my life. I'm very thankful that Mylon and Broken heart answered Gods call on their lives to minister in music.


Terry Alexander 

Fort Worth, Texas


I want you to know how blessed I was to find your Web Page today on Mylon LeFevre. Wow what memories I have that were revived in me today!


My name is Daryl Lynn and I live in Pittsburgh PA with my husband..Back in the early to Mid 80's, I had the pleasure to see Mylon and Broken Heart on several occasions..One evening, at the Syria Mosque,my fellow Christian band members & I were truly mesmorized by Mylon and Broken Heart's concert and that's not all! The nite was "magical" and God's power was working magic...One of our members was not "completely committed", until that evening!!...God used Mylon to win another heart for him!..It was thrilling for all of us to share Lance's "leap of faith".
I have been searching recently for info on Mylon and looking for CD formats for the Sheep in Wolves Clothing, Crack the Sky and The Greatest Hits...When I searched today, I found so much and your wonderful Website!!
Thank you so much for all your efforts to present so beautifully a GREAT TRIBUTE to Mylon!
God's Best to you and yours,
Daryl Lynn E.
Pittsburgh PA


Great Website!! I have been a Mylon Lefevre Fan for a long time. His Sheep and Wolves Clothing album was the first christian album I purchased when it first came out.


Lance Olinski
I attend Vineyard Christian Fellowship Church of Melbourne Florida

I first saw Mylon back in 1981 when Broke Heart performed at McEachern High School in Powder Springs,GA. I was instantly hooked. I started going to Mt. Paron Church to see them on Monday nights when they were in town. They would perform for an hour or so and then have sharing and Testimony. I've also seen them at AtlantaFest and Icthus. They have always been one of my favorite Christian Bands. Not long ago I bought a new Turn table and pulled out my "Live Forever" Album and introduced my little girl to them. She is only 2 years old, but she was dancing up a storm. I love the site. Keep up the good work.

Andy Willingham
Woodstock, GA



Just found your site a few days ago and itís great!  Through the 80ís and 90ís Mylon was in my CD player absolutely more than anyone else Ė secular or Christian.  We saw them probably a dozen times between 85 and 92.  In 1996 I invited him to preach in my church and I was blessed to spend the day with  Mylon and Scott Allen.  I donít know if Iíve ever been around someone who speaks Godís Word in conversations as much as Mylon.  Iíve been fortunate to have a couple of opportunities to get together with him over dinner when he comes to our town.  He always says, ďPastor, youíre still about the only Baptist that ever let me talk to their congregation Ė youíve got a lot of guts!Ē   We had a great day that day.  I still miss the days and music of Broken Heart.  Thatís why I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your web site.  Iíve got lots of pictures.  Maybe Iíll get time to send some of them to you later.  Keep up the good work.


Pastor Bryan Donahoo
Graceview Baptist Church, Tomball, TX

Man I just had to type ya off a quick letter here. Thats an awesome website!
Thanks 'so much' for the time an dedication put into bringing me an the world a look into good ole' mylon. for 'givin' it away'.
I'm 43, married 23 beautiful years with one 14 yr old girl. Mylon an broken hearts first record was on my turn table when it was released. My wife and I also saw him in the early eighties at the strand Capitol Theater in York PA here, and at Kawanis Lake outdoors (till the rain came:(  also in York PA. what memories. since the first record of broken heart I've been rockin with em. a true fan I am. lol. Iremember here a few years back I won a really neat Broken Heart pin from a guy on ebay. He was a bus driver during one of the tours. i know i have the letter somewhere. I also have an original version of Mylons newsletter with him on the front sportin' all that hair. 77's, Keaggy, Larry Norman, Rez Band, Sweet Comfort Band....but then there's my Mylon. He is my favorite.
Let me throw in that I, since receiving Jesus, I was a Ken Copeland 'fan'. Brother Hagin as well. got born again in 81. and when Mylon an KC hooked up I was floored man. Too cool.
I just got Crank It Up and Big World on cd and am sitting here rockin and 'bumped' into your site. sweet! a huge thank you!!! going to listen to the Huntley Street interview if i can turn 'New Attitude' off lol.
Love to ya Brother. a big hug too! keep the home fires burnin'.
followin ya up^
peace love joy an happiness <><
Alan bout that new cd :)


Huge influence on me as a songwriter and singer in Atlanta in the early 1970's.  Really helped me see that the love of Jesus was attainable, that we were worthy and that we didn't have to be perfect - just forgiven.
I've gone on to write Gospel songs and sing in an incredible choir in Nashville - but - Mylon - and Jesus - was always on my mind.
God bless.



I first heard Mylons Music with the Crank it up album. I loved it. Then I got  Decade of love and then Faith Hope and love. His Music is great. Touches my heart. Blesses me big time.  I love him and may God bless him big. Please Mylon keep singing!!!! Donít stop Pleaseeeee!! realease some more worship albums. Favorite song  = More.

I am now looking for the New Album Bow Down, didnít know it was out.

Uganda - E.Africa

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