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Hello. My name is Tom Curren and I live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
It must have been at least 15 years ago or more when I saw Mylon and Broken Heart touring with White Heart (remember them?). I had won 2 tickets from the local radio show for naming a portion of the "mystery song" that they played on the radio. I don't remember the song but it was from the "Crack The Sky" album. Anyway, after the show I got most of the "Broken Heart" band to sign my 'Varnet' shirt (now I'm dating myself with that one huh!). I remember Kenny Bentley and Ben Hewitt and the guitarist and keyboard players being very nice and happy to sign autographs (now if I could only find that shirt!). I got to see them again at a local church some years later (1990 I think) and was just always impressed by how they carried themselves on and off stage. I remember being saddened when I heard that the band was going to be no more and they put out that collection of songs on the CD Forever and then that was it. I still have most of their music on cassette including their first live album which is always great to listen to. I'd have to say that the "Crack The Sky" album was the greatest because it best represents their musical talents and is the highlight of their career. I'd like to see them do some-sort of a reunion type tour.....there are definetly NOT enough Christian bands around anymore.....


I am enjoying your sight a great deal. Some of my favorite memories of being a teenager are attending Mylon concerts. I've seen Mylon in Akron, Pittsburgh, the Creation Festival, and also the Fishnet Festival in VA.  Who can forget the full length white duster and flying "V" guitar.  When that thing came out, we knew we were in for some rock and roll, southern style. His powerful vocals "Live Forever". His lyrics still rock and can bring me to tears!  He, without a doubt, was the one Christian artist that influenced me in my walk with Jesus the most.
Thank you Mylon for the memories, the powerful songs that speak to me and build me up even today, and for your tireless work you do for our world in the Savior's name.
Steve McGee
Tampa, FL


I am so blessed to have found this website. I was rummaging (through the debris in the aftermath that was once my home and personal items following hurricane Jeanne here in Lakeland Florida), and found an old cassette that I had made from some various Mylon and Broken Heart albums going back as far as "Brand New Start" "When Your a Child of the Father", and as far forward as "More". This tape was barely legible, but the anointing was still there. I thought I have got to try and find some current versions of this music that would be maybe even on CD's. That's when I found your website looking for a music source of those old songs. I was blessed to meet Mylon on a couple of occasions back in the early eighties at the old Lakeland Civic Center with all of thirty people attending. I thought to myself listening to him preach his heart out about living the pure life that moves the heart of God, yes I still remember it.

Yours in the Faith... Jack Williams (the Bear)


What an excellent web site!  I just wanted to tell you that and let you know that my wife and I along with my two older children also have been blessed by the Broken Heart years.  We saw Mylon and group for the first time at Jesus Midwest in 1985 or 6, and saw him again at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee Il.  The highlight being the two times he came and performed here in Racine Wisconsin at Memorial Hall and I was privileged to be on the counseling teams both times.  I wondered if you had any information on the other guys in the band, what they are doing these days.  I'd love to know that too, my son has since become a bass player and fondly remembers Kenny playing.  Please email back with any of that information, and again great site to a wonderful ministry.
In Him,
Rob Blascoe


I just searched and found this web site. I am 44 years old. I followed Mylon and the band back in the 80ís as a young married man. Has twenty-plus years passed since then? I have heard bits of what he has done since, both on a Christmas CD I bought years back that had an incredible song on by him (Oh (Holy Night) Night Divine, I believe) and bought Faith, Hope and Love when I saw it.

It was great to read his testimony on the web, which I had heard bits of as we followed you in concerts back then.

Just wanted to thank you, Mylon, for the powerful way you allowed God to use you in the years on the road with Broken Heart. I can see that He has been more than faithful to you and your family to today.
WOW! I never knew the link between you and the Newsboys!

My wife and I of 24 years have never grown up  :-), and love the music of the Newsboys, U2 and others.
Thanks for who you are, Godís richest blessing on you and yours,

Bill Sahlman, Warren, NJ


Hi again,

"I first saw Mylon & Broken Heart at age 18, in 1983 at the Creation Festival at its former location at Muddy Run park in Lancaster, PA. Despite the water being polluted and our entire group getting sick when we got home, it was a wonderful experience. Besides hearing for the first time this eclectic man & his band from Georgia who loved Jesus, I remember the electricity going out and Amy Grant singing acapella from the stage.  Someone made a cross and carried it down front. It was very moving.

From then on, my college summers were filled with Broken Heart memories.  And winters, too, as they always seemed to come to the Pennsylvania area right before Christmas. My house would turn into Betty Crocker's kitchen right before the show as my college friends and I would bake dozens of cookies to take to the band.

I am now (yikes) 40, and can say in retrospect how much Broken Heart influenced my life for Christ during those impressionable years.  They gave sacrifically to be on the road away from their families to share God's love and Jesus' salvation with those they ministered to through music. I would like to especially give honor to Kenny, Paul, Scott, David, Trent, Ben, Stan, Dean (trying to remember  the names of people who came through the band - forgive me if I missed anyone) for all you did for our generation.  While we may not see a Broken Heart reunion here on earth, you will not be forgotten".

In Christ,
Laurie,  Pennsylvania

(Note: this gal has seen Mylon and Broken Heart something like 35 times!!!

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