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Back in the 60's I used to attend gospel music concerts whenever they came to town, about 2-3 times a year.  One of my favorite groups was the LeFevres, mostly because of Mylon.  I loved the sound of his voice and just the incredible way he could sing a song.
I gradually lost touch with listening to gospel music and was never a fan of rock music, so I had lost touch with whatever Mylon was doing.  It wasn't until I saw a Bill Gaither Gospel Classic show on public TV that I saw a segment with Mylon singing a song with his mother.  I was struck once again by his voice and went on Bill Gaither's website to see if I could purchase a copy of that show.  I purchased a tape of his Reunion 1992 show and it has Mylon singing his song "Without Him" near the end of the tape. 
I have never been so touched by a performance as I have by that one.  It brought me to tears, particularly when I learned what Mylon's life had become in the rock world.  Knowing that he had "died" from a drug overdose and was able to turn his life completely around, I watched his singing that song with a new insight into Mylon's soul.  I think when he wrote the song, he believed what he wrote, but when he sang that song on the Reunion show, he finally BELIEVED IN what he was singing.  He KNEW that he was dying, was enslaved, had a hopeless life, but that with Jesus he was saved.  If he never does another thing for mankind or for the gospel, he has done enough already in writing and singing his song "Without HIm". 
I have watched that tape over and over and play the CD of that recording over and over in my car.  I will never tire of it and it will always bring me to tears because I truly understand the message of that song.  I can't (and no one should try to) live their life "Without Him".  Thanks to Mylon for writing the perfect gospel song to drive that message home.  I hope he continues to let himself be used by God in the same way to show the way for others.  God bless him!
Becky Zion
Goshen, IN


I enjoyed your web site and saw Mylon a number of times in concert at Creation music festival in Pennsylvania. I'll also never forget the first time I saw his video of Trains Up In the Sky. Wow.

Keith Lewis


I'm 38 years old now, but as a teenager living in Atlanta about 2 miles from Mt Paran Church of God where every Monday Night Mylon would play in the Gym.  I never missed a show. The music was great and I believe at that age by hearing Mylon talk about his past in drugs and his love for Jesus, I honestly believe that's why I never did drugs. I currently am a singer songwriter for a band caled ADAMSDAY , and live in New Orleans.
Mylon is still a big part of my life. I even knew his daughter in High School.
Thanks for this great web site. If I can dig up my old pictures I will scan a few.
By the way I even tried to audition to tour with Mylon when I was about 15. He told me he thought I was too young, but he let me play anyway.  I was definitely too young. But Mylon had such a nice way about him. He made me feel encouraged to continue on.
I have a deep love for Mylon, though he wouldn't know me if he saw me.
Turns out later in life my Uncle an Entertainment Attorney Joel Katz was Mylons Attorney.
This is a great web site and I'm so glad you have it.
Adam Dayton Gibson
New Orleans via Atlanta


I worked for Mylon for many years and was blessed to do his lighting work, mostly spotlights and also some backstage work.  I covered pretty much all of the shows in Georgia back in the 80's (about 1982-86).  He played very heavily at Mt. Paran Church of God in Atlanta, GA in their auditorium.  He also went to church there as well, so not only did we get the opportunity to see Mylon and Broken Heart play VERY often, but also got to meet and talk and worship with him pretty much every week.  It was always an event when Mylon walked into the sanctuary, because you could hear all of the people whispering and buzzing when he came in.  His presence was pretty phenomonal.  
But the main thing that amazed me the most about Mylon was that here was this very "cool cat" who would get on the stage show after show and rock out like crazy.  It was a literal pain to try and keep up with him with the spotlight chasing him from one side of the stage to the other.  I loved Mylon and he was a HUGE impact on me vocally, but it was a tremendous relief when they told me that I was to spotlight Kenny or Dean instead of Mylon.  The crowd would be screaming, jumping up and down, singing along, and air guitaring.  He would work them into a frenzy and then when no one saw it coming, he would break it down into sweet catchy songs like Children of the King, More, or The Warrior. Then he would speak in his heavy, comforting, slow, soft and gentle southern drawl and deliver the perfect testimonial message about how it was okay to love Jesus and be cool at the same time.  And before you knew it, hordes of people were giving their lives to Christ.  At first, they were rocking out and thrashing their fists in the air and before the hour was out, they were walking down the aisle in a decision that would change their lives forever. Some of them were even high or drunk when they got there, we saw a lot of that.  They only came to party and listen to some southern rock and roll, but before the concert was over, they had made a decision to change their lives forever.  Everyone knew that Mylon had a tremendous gift for speaking to "rock and rollers" and bringing them to Christ.  He was a well respected musician and song writer with the perfect balance of cool and Christ-like. 
His music still brings me chills and all of his songs have melodies that continually tug at your heart strings.  Music that makes you want to be a better person and to strive to be more diligent at what we as Christians are here to do.  At the time, I had no idea about any of his past experiences or work beyond Broken Heart.  I just knew he was something special and that he had a commanding presence, but I never realized how that one man could have made such a difference in how I feel about "religion" and what it means to be a Christian.  It was an incredible time in my life and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.  And I'm sure that none of the thousands of people that gave their life to Christ as a result of his ministry would either.

Chris Horton
Lawrenceville, GA

Hi, great website!  I only heard Mylon & Broken Heart's music for the first time a few months ago.  As a fan of 80's and 90's Christian music, I instantly liked what I heard when I first heard them.  I have Mylon's solo album from 1992, but had no idea of his career beforehand.

June 22, 2005
Andrew Kudey 
Pittston, PA

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