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Hello brothers and sisters.  WOW! I am so happy to know that Mylon and family are still pressing on!
I am from Frederick, Maryland and am now 34 years old.  I've seen Mylon and Broken Heart at least 30 times when I was a young child all the way through my teen years.  I also had the chance to see them at Camp Creation once.  I have alot of really good memories of my time with Broken Heart but I have to say there is one memory that stands out the most.
When I attended the show at Creation, I was probably about 11 years old and my younger sister was 8.  After Broken Heart performed, my sister and I, along with about 40 other kids went around the stage to get another glimps of Mylon and the band.  When Mylon came off the stage, he met up with all of us.  There was a road leading through the campground that lead to the hotel that the artists stayed in during the festival.  That is where he was heading.  So we ALL walked with him down this road.  There was a trail of at least 40 people following close behind us.  The best part of it was that of all the people that were walking with him, my sister got to hold one of his hands while I held the other.  She and I walked hand in hand with Mylon all the way up the road.
It is one of my most precious childhood memories and I will forever keep it dear to my heart.
Thank You for loving me Mylon.
Your little sister in Christ,
Jodie Eichelberger 
PS.  Your website tribute is truly an inspiration.  Thank you too and God Bless.
In the late mid and late 80's i came across mylon and broken heart in the form of a record (yes the round vinyl type) at my cousins house.  i listened to it, it was big world!!!  i fell in love with mylon after that and during a very trying time for me i survived by listening to mylon, petra, and carmen.  i havent listened to mylon in years but came across a cassette tape of big world the other day and found that as i played it i still knew all the words.  I went to a mylon and broken heart concert in bristol VA in the late 80's or early 90's during the crank it up tour.  it was the best.  I still love the music and the message is as true and important today as it was for me then.  i survived that period with gods help and i knoew he used mylon and others to minister to me; today im a police officer with a great family. 
thank you mylon!!
 arron miller


There was some sort of advertisement that you could apply to go on this trip with Mylon as a missionary through some organization. For some reason I believe they were out of Minnesota. I'm sure Mylon could tell you.  I believe it was 1990.
Right now, all I remember is the general excitement of Mylon playing a huge place in Manilla, like their version of Madison Square Garden and all the people that came up to accept Christ afterwards. It was like the rock version of a Billy Graham crusade.
I remember how easily the people accepted Christ wherever we went and how amazing that was compared to the US.
And, of course I remember the mosquitos, the rice fields, the weird food, the kindness of the people and going to see a whole community that lived on a huge garbage dump.
I don't remember a whole lot of details, but if I can locate those pictures, it will jog my memory.
You have a good night now.

I grew up listening to Southern Gospel music & had heard of the Lefevres all my life, but I had never heard of Mylon until years ago on PTL with Jim & Tammy Bakker.  He sang "Brand New Start" & I was blown away.  Back then he was very slim (too slim, Mylon!), had that jet black long hair, was dressed in black, & was still that handsome Christian man with the velvet voice.  Needless to say, I've been a fan ever since.  He & Christi have a blessed ministry & his music is as good as ever.  The last time I saw him on tv was on Carmen's show on TBN.  It's just icing on the cake that he is still moving forward in his work for the Lord.
Georgetown, SC


I actually got to talk to Mylon twice, after the last two concerts with Broken Heart in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1990 and 1991. The first time I met him, one of the first things he asked me was if I was growing spiritually. I thought that was totally awesome that he was so down to earth and keeping the focus on God and not on himself. The second time I met him was in December 1991, the last concert Broken Heart played at Samford University in Birmingham on the Crank It Up tour before they broke up. I asked if he'd be willing to answer a few questions for an article for our campus newspaper, and very reluctantly he agreed. My questions had to do with the tour, and about some of the songs on CRANK IT UP. Mylon more or less cut things short when he said, "Listen, I might seem like a rock star out on that stage but I'm just a servant doing what my Master told me to do. I'm nobody special. Without Him, none of this matters at all." I've thought about that a lot over the years, and the more I think about it, the more respect I have for Mylon. Incidentally, the interview never got printed in the campus paper, but Mylon's words from that day have stuck with me a lot longer than any newspaper article would.

Chad Steenerson
Terre Haute, IN


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